At Juan Marín Saló de Perruqueria, we work on your organic straightening with the commercial house Goa Organics , a benchmark in organic hair treatment. Goa Organics is committed to the sustainability of its products, with the aim of meeting the needs of the present without compromising the opportunities of future generations.

Goa Organics  works with exclusive and innovative ingredients to achieve cosmetics that go beyond beauty, developing natural products, free of silicones, mineral or palm oils, petroleum derivatives or sulfates.

In this line,  Keratin Infusion  is a completely innovative and exclusive treatment based on 35 natural active ingredients, including a mixture of 20 essential oils, which achieves a 100% natural smoothing effect, rejuvenates the hair, repairs and provides softness and shine .

​Take the opportunity to try these excellent products and their effects in our hairdressing salon.


Softy Mood

Softy Mood eliminates frizz for up to 12 weeks without straightening or changing the structure of the hair. It provides the hair with deep hydration, more resistance and elasticity to the hair fiber, as it contains a complex of ceramides and alpha hydroxy acids.

Its high content of oil and butters such as coconut and mango strengthens the hair fiber, providing extreme shine and nutrition.

Keratin Infusion

With Keratin Infusion achieve a 100% natural smooth effect, eliminate frizz, rejuvenate hair, regenerate and provide extreme softness and lasting shine.

A keratin treatment formulated on the basis of 42 natural actives, Alfahydroaxiacids, carefully selected oils and butters. No matter what type of hair you have, forget about frizz for 6 months. Your hair will be visually shinier, healthier and rebuilt.

Sublime 10·31

Sublime 10·31 provides the total reconstruction of the innermost layer of the fiber to the outermost, intensifies the restoration of the intercellular cement and seals the cuticle.

In addition, thanks to its complex of proteins and amino acids, it manages to rebuild damaged hair while increasing shine and softness, adding strength and hydration. Treatment free of silicones and mineral oils, so it does not add weight and is compatible with all hair types, leaving them loose and light.

Bae Berry

Bae Berry is a treatment for professional exclusive use, a rapid rebuilding action that reduces the damage caused to the hair fiber by discolouration processes, lack of care, excessive straightening or the passage of time.

The Bae Berry formula has as its main function the rapid recovery of the hair, strengthening the damaged fiber, reducing breakage and improving the natural appearance of the hair.

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